Easy Indexpicture Generator for Movies (EZindex) is a small windows application to generate one picture out of a movie file (avi or mpg). This generated picture contains a configurabe number of (reduced in size) screenshots that are taken from the movie. No special frams can be selected but the taken frames are eaquily distributet over the whole movie.

Last Update: 26th June 2003

AVS Compare

This is a little tool to compare video material and/or the effect of choosen avisynth filters.
It's written in Delphi 7 and MS Visual C++ 6.0 (Full sourcecode included)
It comes in two different versions:

AVISynth 2.0.X (works perfect)
AVISynth 2.5 (little buggy)
Last Update: 23rd February 2003


This is a slight modification of the vstrip gui with integration of the BeSweet.dll to directly get mp3 output from vob's.

vstrip_gui.exe.zip (355 kb)

besweet.dlls.zip (305 kb)

vstrip_gui.src.zip (88 kb - Delphi 6)

vstrip_gui.srcd5.zip (88 kb - Delphi 5)

Last Update: 30th May 2002 (for updates also check the links above)

Accessing Frames in AVI files and D2V projects

I took sourcecode from avisynth,huffyuf and mpg2dec to build dll's that can be used within delphi to access single frames in avi and mpg files and VOB's (in dvd2avi projects).

Full sourcecode included!

I want to handle AVI or MPG files.

I want to handle dvd2avi projects.

new mpeg2dec.dll


new avisynth filters are included in the new mpeg2dec.dll (SelectRangeEvery...)
this was done by Dividee
for a description go to his page

Done by Aquaplaning

some people reported download - problems: you have to use internet explorer and do a single left-click to make it work. no download-managers also.